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One of the answer        Tokyo-Tama Wood
Tokyo wood, for the build house in Tokyo. To suppress the wood mileage CO2
Consider the quality and reduce environmental impact
Actively adopted the cedar and cypress of Tokyo-Tama region. We have contribute to the development of related industries and
forestry use of forest resources in Tokyo. Excellent durability and economy, taking advantage of environmentally friendly olid wood.
Cutting of wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust and old tatami use for agricultural and dairy industry can be achieved.
Head quater / workshop   Tokyo-Tama wood, old wood materials
Tokyo-Tama Cypress and Cedar. Sawn lumber to 130mm, after natural drying, make the correction processing in the workshop.
Materials storege area. Sunagawa Zelkova, Chestnut, Thuopsis, and old structural materials came out the old house demolition.
Edge of the wood for building materials
Thurs is available resource, it is difficult to save material and end use and disposal.
And environmental considerations, as part of the effective use of resources, has been divided in to if you would like us to.
High probability of stock material
Cedar 120mm×120mm ≧ Pine 210mm×300mm ≧ Ash 150mm×60mm ≧
Cypress 120mm×120mm ≧ Zelkova 300mm×60mm ≧ Chestnut 120mm×120mm ≧
Thujopsis 120mm×120mm ≧ Spruce 150mm×30mm ≧ Hemlock 105mm×105mm ≧

Other, Zelkova, Chestnut, Ginkgo Biloba, Yellow Cedar, Ebony, Rosewood, Bubinga, lpe, Rainforest, Kumar, lron Wood
lnventory dimensions, shape, manner of wood is not stable. Please acknowledge it.
Can be processed. However, limited to the extent possible in our equipment and technology.