Comfort and safety, of all into the architectural space
We think the most important, always
Our company was founded in 1925. We conveyed the tradition of Japanese architecture technique "Takumi", 
from founding 92 years now
 Our philosophy is to create a comfortable space that can heal the minds of all
people in the place.

Without having to resist the climate of Japan, Using the forces of nature, Create to comfortable architectural
 We create the ingenious, creativity, and sensibility shape and space. Of our priority of work is a safe
and comfortable architectural space. We use a reasonable construction method and based on the belief by
repeated studies, the material has been examined.

Architectural professional, Manufacturing Artisan.... We believe that the responsibility to create comfort and
confidence by giving the impression based on it. We look forward to fun, to meet with people who are intere-
sted in our work


Live in Tachikawa, Tokyo. l like Music (Drums player "BUG.D"), Art, Photography, Cats
.... and much more
Kanji (Chinese character) "無(mu)" meaning "naught"
Superimpose a 無-image to the columns and beams
of architecture
Expressive of the fruition, from naught, to create and build up by various elements
    S U M M A R Y
Trade Name
H / Q
Atelier 01
Atelier 02

Credit Card
Murakami Constructions Company Limited
Since 1925
4-43-2 lchiban-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo, 190-0033, Japan

5-1-2  lchiban-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo, 190-0033
3-54-4 Kamisuna-cho, Tachikawa, Tokyo, 190-0032
phone : +81-42-531-2072 (Japanese)   facsimile : +81-42-531-5787
Tosyuqui Murakami
* Architect (National Qualifications First-class)
* Supervisor of architectural construction (National Qualifications First-class)
* Qualified personnel of the WB-construction method supervise
Governor of Tokyo / permit Architecture construction industry #T22-26439
Governor of Tokyo / registered First-class architect office #48943

Defect liability insurance of house constructor reg. / House Plus #F-55959
Long life and superior house constructor registered #13000133525
Design, Construction and Supervision of House, Apartment, Office, Factory,
Stores and Architectural space of all
. Air quality improvement consultants of
Architectural space. Consideration to reduce the environmental impact
Handing of Japan domestic timber and Tokyo-Tama regional timber, Bio-dry,
Processing and production of Miscellaneous goods and Furniture of wood,
Real estate management
, Graphic design, Product design.
Private customers, Tachikawa City, Tokyo Metropolitan Gov., Defense Agency
Tachikawa Chamber of Commerce & lndustry, Tachikawa Corporation Associ-
ation, Tachikawa lndustries Association
, WB Constructors Association, Terra
Network, Musashino Woody House Network, Architecture of Wood Forum,
Japan Better Living Environment Society,  Protect the Traditional of Architect-
ural Culture of the Japan Society,
Construction Engineering Agreement, Tokyo
New Forestry Research Institute
American Express, JCB (only use HQ office)