Creed of our creation of architectural space
Do not oppose the law of nature.  Take advantage of the force of nature
Architectural space of comfortable and safe.  From Mind, To Shape...
More advanced safety and comfort of
Architectural space with people

We think the most important. To achieve both safety and comfort of buildings and
residential environment. 
Strongly deny the construction materials and unhealthy,
irrational and non-economic. Create suitable climate of Japan, acomfortable living
space of peace of mind
From thought, To shape
Commitment to create living space of alive sensibility

We think, together to create living space is a creator with the client. ldeas and
techniques of experience architect and artisan
, the original architectural space
breathe sensibility.
Create design freedom as far as fine stick.
Skills and experience, responsibilities and self-confidence
No compromise in work

Our skill and experience from new construction or large-scale developed to small
repairs of strict public works
, We not forget in the importance of achievement. and
88 years of experience rooted in the region
, where the trust was obtained. We will
utilize the region, those who give from the region
Pertnership of "At anytime, And eternally"
The artisan spirit are responsible for making

House aging, small repair work, etc., if there is something about worries of living
space. Rapid response is our policy, The artisan spirit with affection and responsi-
bility for their work, from 88 years ago, good footwork You to cherish the partner-
ship of "At anytime, And eternally".

Actively involved in 
Purification of air and water by Anti-oxidation catalyst
Reuse of scrap building materials Agriculture and dairy industry
lntroduction of solar power and other energy equipment recycling
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