True safe and healthy comfort of living space    
One of the answer           WB - Air Control
Double Breathe-Ventilation and Adiabatic System
Breathe architectural space  Using the forces of nature

WB system are wrapped in a layer of double insulation ventilation of the building. Control to the
flow of air in vent layer by special equipments used to be used operate naturally by air tempera-
ture. In Summer , reduction of temperature rise by sunburn. and in Winter season, preservation
of thermal insulation performance. (*1)

The interior using natural breathable material. Emissions by the effect of concentration gradient,
of a natural moisture and humidity of the room and ventilation layer. Water-soluble chemicals to
be discharged along with the moisture, air in this action. There is no worry of air stagnation and
dirt. To realize human-friendly, even to the house, the environment a healthy dwelling space.

Give the flow of air into the indoor space using a combination of air convection device further.
improve comfort by eliminating the stagnation of cold air and warm air. Suppressing the use of
heating and cooling energy, and create an environment comfortable and healthy dwell space
air forces of nature. System is a high energy-saving effect, the power of nature to purify the air.

*1 Work depending on temperature shape memory alloy. Energy, operation is unnecessary.
*2 Special certified by the Minister. Patented in the construction method and equipment.

*3 Are striving to further improve the safety and comfort of living space.
Only WB system, Air self-cleaning ability of certified in Japan

Granted self-purification performance of indoor air, Special Certified by the Minister. WB air
control both in name and reality
of the "comfort of clean air" has been featured in various media.

NHK TV-1 "Ohayou Nippon"   ● My TV (CATV) "Buisness Eye", "maji maji / LOHAS special"
Published by Recruit Ltd. "Build a house in Tokyo", "Good Reform/Thoroughly Nature-oriented"
Published by Taiseisha "Dwelling↑/ Tokyo metropolitan area    Published by PHP "PHP"
Nihon Keizai Shimbun Times   ● Nikkei lndustry Times   Shiken Housing Weekly

Received a lot of the environment and welfare from local governments and organizations.

      Movement of the flow of air and moisture by WB system

   ● Summer Season
Ventilation function is activated at about 20゚C ambient temperature.
Promote a cooling effect

   ● Winter Season
Close ventilation equipment at about 13゚C ambient temperature.
Suppress the cold
Emission concentration gradient by the action of chemicals and odor and is soluble in water along with the moisture.
Certification of thermal insulation performance - Grade 4
( Region lll・lV・V : Miyagi, Yamagata 〜 Miyazaki, Kagoshima )
Do not oppose Japan's climate. lmprove the comfort and skillfully use the power of nature.
      WB / Other construction methods   Comparison of annual energy costs

WB Air-Control (Japanese Wooden)
High insulation / high airtightness J. Wooden (1998 Criteria)

Reinforced concrete construction
Japanese Wooden (1992 Criteria)
All-electric, Combinate solar electric generation, Multi-layer glass sash
All-electric, Combinate solar electric generation, Multi-layer glass sash (H/P)
Electricity, Gas, Ait-tight sash for buildings
Electricity, Gas, Kerosene, Single glass sash
( January 2002 - December 2002  Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref. )